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We have one cat and three kittens.

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Feb 2017

  • Kittens! Lily (Normagikatt Lady Lilith) had a litter of three healthy kittens (delivered by Caesarian at Honeybourne Vets, see their Facebook page). The sire is Normystic Lord Finigan

    Jan 2017

    Cloudsilk Cloudsilk (Chalcedon Cloudsilk), Somali usual, twelve years old. Died of kidney failure.

    Sparkle Sparkle (Chalcedon Silver Sparkle), Norwegian Forest silver tabby tortie&white, seven years old. Died of heart disease.

    May 2016

    Chalcedon Cashmere. Died in a road accident.

    November 2015

    Welcome to Normagikatt Lady Lilith, five months old

    September 2015

    Sadly both Chalcedon Rosetta (sorrel Somali) and Rameses (Maine Coon) died recently.


    Sparkle (Chalcedon Silver Sparkle) in March 2009. Winner of three trophies at the Norwegian Forest Cat Club Show 2009.


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